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KSpin Vision

 An accepting and passionate Community built on Kindness

KSpin Mission

To create a happy, uplifting space where people come to workout, elevate their well-being, and meet new like minded people.

KSpin Purpose

Provide every rider with the tools, motivation, and confidence to become their best selves.




Come meet the KSpin crew! These highly trained, certified instructors can’t wait to greet you at the door and bring you along for the ride.

KSpin Kamloops Instructors


If you ride in Allie’s class, you are sure to embark on a super fast jog! Her favourite thing about spin is getting sweaty and the community. Outside of spin, catch her at the gym, hiking or cooking up delicious meals!

KSpin Kamloops Instructors


Amanda’s classes are all about getting a good sweat on but having fun while doing it. Guaranteed you will be singing along to the music, hitting a couple big, heavy climbs, and feeling the spinners high after one of her classes. She loves to challenge riders to add more tension than they think their legs can stand because strong is sexy… LFG.


Amanda brings positivity and body love to all her classes. All bodies are beautiful and there isn’t a single person out there who wouldn’t benefit from becoming part of the KSpin family. One thing she wants riders in her classes to know is: you belong here and she can’t wait to ride with you!



KSpin Kamloops Instructors


Climb races are what Brit is all about because when race is added to a climb, the sweat factor is amped up! The real money shot is the moment when you wind your legs up before you sit down. The community spin class creates and seeing riders push themselves beyond their limits to slay their goals is why she loves spin.


Brit’s favourite thing besides spin class is anything outdoors like hiking with her dog, fishing, and camping.

KSpin Kamloops Instructors


Cali’s fave spin song is uppercut because she loves big attacks with punchy beats. This self-proclaimed bookworm also has a HUGE love for travel.

KSpin Kamloops Instructors


Carmen has been motivating fitness goers in Kamloops for almost 5 years! She is a mom, an active member of the Kamloops community and is eager to give back where she can. At KSpin, Carmen has built a community of spin class enthusiasts who crave her high-energy, heart-pumping classes. She knows how to turn up the heat and push her riders to their limits with her boundless energy and upbeat personality. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie to the spin game, Carmen’s got you - she’ll help you find your groove and get you sweating in no time.



KSpin Kamloops Instructors


One half of the infamous KSpin Spin Daddies, Hancke’s is sure to get you out of the spin seat for a jog and perhaps to his favourite spin song Chun-Li by Nicki Minaj. When he isn’t turning up the heat on the bike, Hancke loves to travel, is a self-proclaimed foodie and is also a family doctor in Kamloops.

KSpin Kamloops Instructors


James fell in love with KSpin because it’s challenging, the people rock, and it’s way more fun than hitting the gym by yourself! On the bike, he is sure to bust out a jog with party moves as you cruise to some hard rock.


When not spinning, James explores the world of woodworking or pushing his physical limits with CrossFit. The blend of creativity and physical challenge with these activities, amplifies the energy and determination he brings to each spin class.

KSpin Kamloops Instructors


Kat’s first feeling on a bike left her feeling overwhelmed but supported and excited - a life-changing experience. The feeling of being on a high for the rest of the day after the class was addictive; encouraging her to become a motivator, teacher, and friend to help others feel that same endorphin rush.


As a spin instructor, Kat’s goal is to create a fun, welcoming environment where riders can push themselves beyond what they think they’re capable of. Expect to get sweaty, have fun, and leave her classes feeling energized and empowered. Let’s bring the party, good vibes, and crush fitness goals together!

KSpin Kamloops Instructors


Lara is all about bringing jogs to her classes because she loves the challenge they bring! When you hit up her classes, you may hear her bust out Such Great Heights by The Postal a time or two (it’s her fave song to play!). And when Lara isn’t spinning, you can catch her hanging out with her dog Georgia - or slinging a beverage at Red Collar Brewing/Gin Lane Co (her family’s brewery and distillery).

KSpin Kamloops Instructors


Megan thoroughly enjoys every aspect of spin, the challenge of each track profile, and the fact that spin class is a great stress release. In her classes, you can expect an attack track or two, and spinning to tracks that get everyone pumped up and make you want to dance. When not in spin, Megan is a full-time emergency medical call taker with the BC Ambulance Service, a mama to one with another on the way!



KSpin Kamloops Instructors


Paige has been spinning for years and has found appreciation and admiration for all bodies, her body, and what they can do. In her classes, she encourages riders to have fun and not take anything in class too seriously, because it is supposed to be fun. You will laugh and cry in her class (maybe both), sweat for sure, and she celebrates every rider as it helps shift how she speaks to herself.


Outside of spin class, Paige teaches Barre at Movement Collective, and is a makeup artist having worked with Anastasia Beverly Hills, Laura Mercier, Clinique etc.



KSpin Kamloops Instructors


Ryan is the other half of the dynamic Spin Daddies who coordinate outfits (over 20+ outfits) and will have you dancing, booty popping, and sweating with a smile on your face. Ryan loves spin because he loves to see a class level up their intensity and drive - you may even hear Eurythmics Sweet Dreams being busted out once and a while. When not spinning, Ryan loves to sing karaoke.

KSpin Kamloops Instructors


Samantha is the founder and co-owner of KSpin. When covid hit, she hit the books and went back to school. She now lives in the Caribbean and attends medical school. Sydney and Sam are officially co-owners of the studio and excited to watch the community grow and evolve.

KSpin Kamloops Instructors


Sarah is Kamloops born, hometown girl and is a fireball on and off the spin bike. Her classes are full of killer beat drops, fun, heart-pumping cardio and sure to leave her riders feeling uplifted and ready to take on life with a clear mind at the end of the ride. Sara has been spinning since 2018 and joined the KSpin Crew summer of 2023 so be sure to hit up one of her fun, energetic classes!

KSpin Kamloops Instructors


Syd “The Attack Queen” 

Co-owner of Kspin and Fitness Enthusiast, you can catch Syd on the bike almost everyday of the week! 

When she’s not on the bike you can catch her teaching dance, working at earls or finding her next new attack track!

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