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What to Expect

KSpin in Kamloops is a fitness experience like no other. All rides are set within a blacked out room with blacklights, bumpin’ playlist beats curated by each instructor (yes, this includes themed rides!), a disco ball, and electrifying lights to make you feel like you’re spinning at a dance party. Guaranteed 100s of calories will be burned, just in a fun way.

The Ride

Clip into the bike for climbs, jogs, races, and riding to the beat together like a big sweaty dance crew. The highly trained instructors will keep you amped with their killer beats and get you dripping sweat for the ultimate workout. About halfway through the ride, you can expect an ‘arm track’ where you bust out hand weights to help tone your arms and shoulders. Spin classes are typically 50 minutes, but 40-minute express classes and the Sunday 60 - a 60-minute scorcher - will also pop up on the schedule.

The Music

From pop and country, to rap and battle rides, the carefully curated playlists will motivate, inspire, and drive you to ride all together as one. Each instructor has their own style and specially designed playlists for the specific class - this means no two classes will be the same.

Full disclosure: we ride to loud music, so if you find it is too loud, pick-up a pair of earplugs at check-in.

First Time Riders

If you’re a first time rider, don’t sweat it (well, you legitimately will)! First time riders are welcome with open arms to any class on the schedule and there is no pressure to ride on beat right away. We can’t wait for you to join our dance party.


Please arrive 15-minutes early to complete paperwork (be sure to let the Instructor know if you have any injuries or limitations), grab a pair of shoes and hand weights at the studio, and select your bike. Instructors will go through proper bike set-up and help you clip in for the first time.

What To Wear

Dress to get sweaty! Avoid long, loose clothing that could potentially get caught while spinning. We recommend shorts or leggings, a good bra, a comfy shirt, and socks!

Spin shoes are required to ride, as the stiff soles allow for more power to be generated during each pedal stroke and engage more leg muscles to help keep you well balanced. Shoes are available for use at the studio in a range of sizes. Feel free to bring your own spin shoes, but note they must be SPD compatible spin shoes.

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